Roger Riccard

Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Sherlock Holmes stories themed on the seven deadly sins


Roger Riccard, respected and prolific author of Sherlock Holmes stories with over fifty to his credit since his first novel in 2012, has already taken readers through The Twelve Days of Christmas and An Alphabet of Cases. He now he turns his attention to The Seven Deadly Sins.

EnvyA Perpetrator in a Pear Tree. A retired judge has been murdered in a locked tower room with its only window too narrow for anyone to enter. Can Holmes solve how was it done?

PrideThe Etherege Escapade. Holmes investigates a kidnapping case, but finds the official evidence suspect. When pieces of the victim’s clothing are found on the banks of the Thames the affair takes on a more sinister aspect.

WrathThe Game at Checquers. Mycroft Holmes requests that his brother comes out of retirement and conducts an appraisal of security measures at the Prime Minister’s residence at Chequers. What he finds is deadly.

Greed The Case of the Merchant Mogul. Abraham Loew is kidnapped and subsequently found dead after the ransom is paid. Was this a kidnapping gone wrong or premeditated murder?

Lust The Backstage Pirates. A former client calls upon Holmes to stop the harassment of actresses at a theatre where there have also been kidnapo attempts.

GluttonyThe Case of the Final Morsel. A food critic has been threatened due to his bad reviews. Will he heed Holmes’s warning or succumb to his last meal?

Sloth The Writer’s Block. A novice playwright is missing and his latest work stolen. His fiancée fears the worst, but is she being over-dramatic?

‘It was as though Doyle had crafted these stories himself.’ (Amazon review of Roger Riccard’s Sherlock Holmes: Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas)


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