Nick Utechin

Sherlock Holmes on the Rails Volume 3

Two Sherlock Holmes murder mysteries with a railway theme by Arthur Conan Doyle and Richard Stannoy narrated by Nick Utechin


Two new complete and unabridged recordings by Nick Utechin of railway orientated adventures for Sherlock Holmes.

The Adventure of the Norwood Builder

Sherlock Holmes investigates the apparent murder of Jonas Oldacre by John Hector McFarlane in this exceedingly clever 1894 adventure. While not having a railway theme per se there is a connection in that a vital clue is provided to Holmes by a train.

The Pullman Blackmailer

Doctor Dietler has hired a ‘special’ train to conduct his ruthless blackmail business but has not reckoned with having Sherlock Holmes onboard. Dietler is soon murdered leaving Holmes as the prime suspect in this classic plot of murder, blackmail and theft.


Arthur Conan Doyle & Richard Stannoy


Nick Utechin





Run Time

113 minutes


Audio Book

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