Roger Riccard

Sherlock Holmes: Further Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Six more Sherlock Holmes stories based upon the Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas


Roger Riccard, has once again delved into his imagination to create short Christmastime stories for the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion, Dr. John H. Watson. This volume contains another set of six, to continue the collection for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

A Partridge in a Pearl Tree – A crown containing the famous Partridge Ruby of Burma goes missing before Christmas, and so does the nun who was wearing it.

The Two Turtledoves – Will the famous photograph and its subjects have a negative effect on Holmes’s success as a detective?

The Three French Henchmen – Watson works with Mycroft Holmes and his agents to foil Professor Moriarty’s gang, after Holmes’s ‘death’ at the Reichenbach Falls.

The Four Calling Birds – An American Men’s Quartet, on a visit to London, seek the detective’s help to prove their innocence of a murder.

The Five Gold Rings – Holmes and Watson seek the stolen gift of Olympic Rings from King Edward to the King of Belgium.

The Six Geese at a Gander – Holmes must stop an assassination attempt at a Christmas Eve dinner where British nobility are the primary guests, but the target is unknown.

The answers to these questions and more lie within. Sit back and enjoy this second volume of Sherlock Holmes: Further Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas.


Roger Riccard








Paperback, eBook

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