Roger Riccard

The Colourful Cases of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1

Five Sherlock Holmes stories themed on colours


Roger Riccard, one of the most respected Sherlock Holmes authors, following his highly aclaimed six volume set A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases has again taken pen in hand to bring readers the first volume in a new collection of adventures based on colours.

The Olive Garden Painting – An early brush with John Clay over a famous painting which has disappeared takes Holmes to Oxford and his first encounter with Professor Moriarty.

The Black Irish Pug – A hard-hitting story of prejudice and politics set in the lead up to the 1908 London Olympic Games.

The Golden Grail – Someone believes that the Arthurian Legend of the Holy Grail is true and has stolen the artefact in the hope of using its powers.

The Blue Parrot – Set in Casablanca in 1906, Holmes takes on a case involving Valentino Ferrari, a young Pablo Ugarte and the new gardien de la paix, Louis Renault.

The Gray Elegy– One of the most important poems of the 18th century by the Poet Laureate, Thomas Gray, on the subject of life and death has been stolen. Its recovery has deadly consequences. Sit back and enjoy reading the initial five stories of The Colourful Cases of Sherlock Holmes, and watch out for the second volume coming soon.

‘It was as though Doyle had crafted these stories himself.’ Amazon review of Riccard’s Sherlock Holmes: Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas


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