Roger Riccard

A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases Volume 5 (U to Z)

Six Sherlock Holmes stories themed on letters of the alphabet


Roger Riccard, one of the most respected Sherlock Holmes authors, has again taken pen in hand to bring forth the final set of six adventures in this acclaimed series of short stories for your entertainment.

The Uniform Which Wasn’t – An observation by Dr. Watson of a client’s military uniform not matching protocol, leads Holmes to investigate what the truth is behind a soldier’s request.

The Victorian Principles – A well-known author is being threatened over his latest novel.

The Wyt Resolution – The Wyt family is back and some are still seeking revenge for the murder of a cherished family member.

Xavier Madison’s Lost Treasure – Can Holmes discover the meaning behind a famed archeologist’s mysterious last words?

The Adventure at the Great Yorkshire Show – The two eldest heirs to the throne visit the first Great Yorkshire Show since the Great War. However, not all is peaceful in this bucolic setting.

The Zuchen Family Plot – A Sussex neighbour of Holmes is found dead, but the victim’s nine year old son refuses to believe it was suicide and calls upon the retired detective for help.

Sit back and enjoy reading this final volume of A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases, and watch out a brand new series of adventures, The Colourful Cases of Sherlock Holmes, coming soon.

“It was as though Doyle had crafted these stories himself.” Amazon review of Riccard’s Sherlock Holmes: Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas


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