Ted Childs

Ted Childs is a British television producer, screenwriter, and director who has been responsible for many of the best-loved and critically acclaimed programmes since 1962 when he first joined ABC Weekend TV. He produced and directed episodes of This Week and The World at War, was one of the founder members of Euston Films where he produced The Sweeney, Special Branch, and the Quatermass series. In the 1980s as controller of drama at Central Independent Television, and later Managing Director of Central Films, he was executive producer of series such as Inspector Morse, Boon, Soldier Soldier, Peak Practice, Cadfael, and Kavanagh QC. Later as a freelance he was responsible for Heat of the Sun, Into the Blue, Goodnight Mister Tom, The Waiting Time, Monsignor Renard, and Lewis.

For us he was a natural choice when looking for somebody authoritative to give an extended interview for our DVD celebrating the first 25 years of the Inspector Morse franchise.

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