J. P. Sperati

A Sherlock Holmes Monopoly

An unofficial guide and outdoor activity. It’s a book … and it’s a treasure hunt!


So what’s the connection between the great detective and the great board game?

The answer, of course, is London! In this unique book J. P. Sperati will guide you through the idiosyncrasies of the Monopoly board and explain how the chosen properties relate to the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

  • How do The Angel Islington and Mayfair differ from the other residential properties – and how do they differ from each other?
  • What’s curious about the choice of railway stations – and which of the four did Sherlock Holmes not use?
  • What do Bow Street, Marlborough Street and Vine Street have in common – and which is the odd one out?

Monopoly is great fun to play indoors– but this book opens the field. A Sherlock Holmes MonopolyTreasure Hunt is one that you can play by actually visiting the sites featured on the Monopolyboard, solving clues as you go. Besides the excitement of buying and selling, the game is a wonderfully entertaining way of exploring London in the footsteps of the master detective.


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