Antony J. Richards

Inspector Morse’s Oxford

25th anniversary DVD exploring the inspirational setting for the Inspector Morse television series with contributions by Colin Dexter, Kevin Whately, Barrington Pheloung, Ted Childs, Chris Burt, and Michele Buck


To commemorate the 25th anniversary in 2012 of the Inspector Morse television series, starring the late John ThawInspector Morse’s Oxford revisits many of the wonderful locations and buildings that were featured in the series and looks at the creation of the Morse books and the television adaptations. Is is not only a celebration and investigation into the work of the author, Colin Dexter, and the television production team, but it is also a showcase of the inspirational beauty history and tradition of Oxford iteslf.

The program is presented by Dr. Antony J. Richards, a leading authority on the Inspector Morse series and features, among others, Colin Dexter, actor Kevin Whately (Inspector Morse & Lewis), composer Barrington Pheloung, and producers Ted Childs, Chris Burt and Michele Buck.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Extended interviews with Colin Dexter, Kevin Whately, and Ted Childs.

Originated by Antony Richards
Script Antony Richards, Stephen Gammond
Music Barrington Pheloung, Edward Adams
Executive Producers Denis Donnelly, David Finch, Ari Kopmar, Antony Richards
Producer and Director Stephen Gammond


Antony J. Richards





Run Time

84 minutes


DVD Region 2, NTSC

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