Abbey Pen Baker

In the Dead of Winter

An Myrl Adler Norton mystery


Myrl Adler Norton was, by all accounts, one of the most remarkable women of the twentieth century. The daughter of the acclaimed opera singer Irene Adler, she was a respected professor of logic at Smith College as well as one of the most famous consulting detectives of all time. The books of her exploits, written by her lifelong friend and confidante Faye Martin Tullis, are among the most popular in the history of detective literature. Now, with this previously undiscovered manuscript, the true story behind the meeting of these two friends and their first case comes to light.

In 1918, while a student at Smith College, Faye first encountered Myrl, an enigmatic figure with an interesting past. When a local actress is found dead amid bizarre circumstances, Myrl takes an interest in the murder, and the two travel to Brattleboro, Vermont, to investigate. There they uncover a twisted conspiracy, one far more dangerous than simple murder – and learn the truth about Myrl’s real father, the world’s most famous consulting detective.


Abbey Pen Baker








Paperback, eBook

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