Nick Utechin

A Death at the Cricket

A Sherlock Holmes murder mystery by Eddie Maguire narrated by Nick Utechin


Cricket is as quintessentially English as Sherlock Holmes so what better than an adventure combining these two elements. Indeed Conan Doyle himself was a keen cricketer and a member of the M.C.C. and to his credit had the honour of bowling out W. G. Grace on one occasion.

This adventure reunites Watson with his hospital dresser, Stamford, who was responsible for introducing the former to Holmes in A Study in Scarlet. Freddie Trueman, Yorkshireman and the greatest fast bowler of his generation, said of A Death at the Cricket – ‘this story really brings to life the big country cricket matches of the 19th century’. A Death at the Cricket is taken from a collection of short stories entitled Sherlock Holmes: The Tandridge Hall Murder and other stories by Eddie Maguire.


Eddie Maguire


Nick Utechin





Run Time

52 minutes


Audio Book

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