J. P. Sperati

Despite an Italian background, J. P. Sperati lives in Essex where he has always been interested in television and film. To be precise it is the technical side of the art of film making, and in particular how different locations are used and seamlessly meshed together to make a coherent end product that fascinates. Hence his acclaimed series of location guides covering film series such as James Bond and Harry Potter. More recently he has turned his attention to two of his other passions, history and crime, and produced the first three in a series of In the Footsteps of … guides which deal with the likes of Jack the Ripper and the Kray Twins along with other more obscure criminals from the past.

Books by J. P. Sperati
Downton Abbey on Location (with Sabine Schreiner)*
Endeavour on Location (with Antony J. Richards)
Harry Potter on Location
In the Footsteps of Jack the Ripper
In the Footsteps of East London Crime & Curiosities
In the Footsteps of 250 Years of Murder in East London
James Bond on Location, Volume 1*
James Bond on Location, Volume 2*
A Sherlock Holmes Monopoly

* Also available as an eBook