Bryson Gore

Dr. Gore has a long association with the Royal Institution of Great Britain ever since he worked there as a Junior Laboratory Assistant for one year having completed his A levels. He then studied Natural Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge before returning to the Davy Faraday research laboratories under Sir George Porter. From here Bryson moved to the education department and became the Clothworkers’ Lecturer and Lectures’ Superintendent where he assisted both in the preparation of lectures for others as well as developing and delivering his own lectures. Although Bryson left in 1996 to work on a freelance basis he still retains close links in preparing the Christmas Lectures and delivering lectures as part of the schools programme. His passion for science continues as he develops and presents experiments and demonstrations of new and classical scientific concepts and promotes the use of scientific demonstrations in a range of educational environments. He is also the author of eight science books in the WOW Science series which aim to answer many of the unexplained mysteries of the world.

Bryson is married with two children. His wife is a decorative artist, desktop publisher and sculptor who provides a vital balance in a life fraught with too much science and too little time.

Books by Bryson Gore
Holmes, Chemistry & The Royal Institution