Antony James

Antony James is not an author as such but was encouraged by his long-standing friend Colin Dexter to put pen to paper and attempt to write a novel. As Colin put it … ‘if you write a page a day then at the end of a year you will have a novel’. The idea of an Endeavour murder mystery was discussed (since (a) there had been no new novels since 1999 and (b) given that Inspector Morse dies in The Remorseful Day it would have to be a prequel). Colin advised on various aspects of writing, plotting and so forth and even agreed that as in the television adaptations that he should make a cameo appearance (as a truant schoolboy). The result was Dead Man’s Walk which Antony hopes readers enjoy as much as he did writing it.

Following on from the success of that publication he has now, in conjunction with leading ‘Ripperologist’ and acclaimed crime historian Lindsay Siviter, been persuaded to put pen to paper again and write his first Sherlock Holmes novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper File (published by our sister company Breese Books), which comes to some unique conclusions regarding the identity of this most infamous of serial killers.

Books and eBooks by Antony James
Dead Man’s Walk
Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper File (Breese Books)